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@LindaU 191 wrote:
So, my request...a way to apply settings like the Automatic/Manual advance to a) all slides and b) selected slides. (Or is that here, an I am missing how to do it?)

I expect I would want to have Manual advance in most cases, and having to change for each & every slide...that's a lot of repetitive work.

I would also like to see the control bar animation removed, when "Manual" is selected. I don't want to hide the other controls - just don't want the illusion of things moving, when they are not.
@johnb 192 wrote:
We are working on that. The ability will be added to select multiple slides, and then whatever change you make to an individual slide will be set on all selected slides.

I am looking to replace my use of Articulate with Snap, but these two things listed above really become a deal breaker for me. I am patient though, so plese keep improving the product.

At the very least, I want to customize a player skin with a menu (with equivalent functionality to Articulate) without having to go into Lectora. Why? I want to enable my faculty members to start making these courses themselves, from PPT files. If you want a recommendation as a first step in the right direction for your development efforts, please offer a Player Style with No Controls but WITH the table of contents panel on the left. This would be simple and effective for many use cases!

Also, I agree with Linda that the labor intensive switching of each slide in Slide Explorer from Automatic 5 seconds to Manual is less than ideal (and not very rapid in a rapid elearning tool!!).

Will update with comments as I explore more of the tool - great option as a tool though - you will steal market share if you improve a few of these major things! You may also consider doing a monthly subscription for $10 and really knocking Articulate out of the market.....With Adobe now offering monthly subscriptions, albeit for a different class of products, it is clear that monthly rental software as a service is the new wave (in fact, it is well over due in the desktop authoring sphere).