Pass and retrieve user-defined variables to/from Plateau LMS.


I have created some user-defined variables in the course to track the progress and other data. I need to track all these variables in Plateau LMS (SCORM 1.2). I searched through forums here and found that "Retain variable value between sessions" helps to do this.

The query is, if this is independent of cookies saved on users machine; And works fine on LMS if user clears temp files or access course from different machine. Also, do I need to create any other files to achieve this?


  • chrystalb
    chrystalb Community Member Posts: 32
    When a variable is set to be retained between sessions, the user defined variables are put in a string that is maintained by the LMS in Suspend_Data. This is not stored by the end user, so clearing temp files/cookies would not affect this. No other files are required. Lectora will simply pull the information from the Suspend_Data in the LMS.