question feedback messages - learner validation?

andyking Community Member Posts: 38
Not a lectora specific question, but I knew I could get good responses here (and I can't access linkedin from the office). I searched around online, but apparently my google-fu is weak today.

Having a discussion with a couple peers regarding the wording of question feedback. Note: these are knowledge check type questions, not formal graded assessment questions.

Example -

Learner presented with a drag/drop interaction. One drag item, with three drop choices. Their task is to determine which category the drag item belongs to. When they submit, a feedback message appears. Feedback message says "this is an example of category-A."

The question is, does the feedback message need to say "Correct" or "Incorrect?" Do learners need (regardless of what they want) to see "You're right and here's why." or can the feedback just give the explanation?

There are different camps here in our office and I'm mostly curious if there is anything scientific or concrete to point to one way or the other, or even a third way.

My opinion is learners want validation in the first couple words of the feedback. WANT not need. They want to see if they were right or wrong in the first couple words, and skip the explanation if they're right and go onto the next slide. If they're wrong, they're going to read to see why they're wrong, dispute the response if they think it's wrong, then move forward.

Anyone want to weigh in? Particularly if you have resources to point me to that validate one approach or the other?