Text Transitions not working in IE 10

markcofield Community Member Posts: 4

I have published courses from version X.4 that no longer work in IE 10.

Text boxes with transitions (Wipe Right or Down for example) are no longer working.

I have tried editing the travantis.js file as below as was recommended in another post, but then the course page would no longer load properly.

Any thoughts or suggestions, besides upgrading to version 11?



(change this.ns = (name=="ns" && this.v>=4)


this.ie = (name=="ie" && this.v>=4)

to this

"this.ns = (name=="ns" && this.v>=4 || navigator.appVersion.indexOf('MSIE 10')>-1))


this.ie = (name=="ie" && this.v>=4 && navigator.appVersion.indexOf('MSIE 10')==-1)