Keyboard fans: Use F2 to edit item names in tree-style Title Explorer

limeandnavy Community Member Posts: 21
Recently, I added a bunch of buttons, images, and actions to a page, but of course they all ended up with their non-useful default names in the Title Explorer.

I'm a keyboard-girl, so I quickly got tired of double-clicking each item in the tree (or clicking, and then clicking in the Name: field in the ribbon) to edit its name.

Turns out, you can use F2 to jump right into edit mode, just like in Excel! Here's how:

Make sure the elements are all showing in the tree-style Title Explorer (the pages must be expanded) and then click on any item name directly in the tree.

Now, press F2 to edit the item name, type whatever you want, and then press Enter to save it.

Because you are working in the Title Explorer (and the item isn't actually selected on the page) you can use your up/down arrows to move through the visible items in the tree, pressing F2 and Enter to edit and save each item name. When you actually click on an item on the page, the up/down arrows move the item around the page, instead.

So once you've clicked into the Title Explorer, you can do the rest without leaving your keyboard.

So far, I have observed that it works with buttons, images, text boxes, actions, pages, chapters... as long as they are visible (expanded) in the Title Explorer.

This has been a huge time-saver for me, for when I've created a whole page and then want to go back and change all the names to something useful before I forget how I set everything up. :)


  • lauram
    lauram Community Member Posts: 149
    This is one of my favorite features of v11! ;)

    If you are up-to-date on v11.1 you also have the ability to use your keyboard to tab through the Properties ribbons of objects. There are 2 ways to do this:
    1. You can use the ALT key to enter what I call Tab Mode at any time - the numbers and letters that appear represent keyboard shortcuts that have been enabled.
    2. You can also simply place your cursor in the Name field of the Properties ribbon - from there you can change an object's name and tab to the rest of the properties.
    I think this is also a great feature for keyboard fans!
  • benpitman
    benpitman Community Member Posts: 763
    Even I, Dr. Lectora, think this is cool. Nice find.