CSS Pseudo classes - :active not working

jayseventwo Community Member Posts: 48
Hi guys, i have created tabs using text boxes and styling them with CSS.

The pseudo selector of :hover works fine when i place the mouse over the textbox/tab, but i cannot seem to get :active to work. I would like to have the currently selected tab highlighted.

Anyone had these problem or know a solution?



  • timk
    timk Community Member Posts: 1,195 ♦ Idol ♦
    I usually solve this by just placing an image of the highlighted tab in the respective page or chapter and disinheriting the button.

  • ssneg
    ssneg Community Member Posts: 1,466 ☆ Roadie ☆
    I think :active is for links and buttons. Textboxes are divs, so they won't trigger it afaik.