Show HTML-published object names....check box

srigg Community Member Posts: 1
We are trying to enable the option "Show HTML-object names in object properties" under Lectora Preferences. According to the Lectora Inspire Information Center, we should have a check box to mark; however, we can not find this option anywhere. Is there something else that needs to be done to have this option appear?


  • lauram
    lauram Community Member Posts: 149
    If you are using vX or prior, you can find this option by selecting File > Preferences on the General Tab. When this object is selected, the HTML name for the object will be displayed in the upper right-hand corner of the Properties dialog.

    If you are using v11, the HTML name is displayed when you either mouse-over or select the arrow in the first panel of the object's Properties ribbon. This is the same panel on the far left where you find the object's Name. If you select the arrow, the HTML Name is displayed in the dialog, and you can now copy and paste this text. This option is on by default for v11.