Adding External HTML Code

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I'm trying to add a snippet of HTML code to my title. The code is a translator code that generates an image. I tested the code on an actual website and it works fine. In Lectora Inspire 11 - I did the following:

Insert/HTML Extension and accepted the defaults of: Type = Custom Div and File = None. Then I went to edit and pasted my code. When I upload the page (published to HTML), I see the word "translate", but the image that should generate never happens. What did I do wrong? Do I need to create an image first, then put an action under that image?

I've never added external code to a title before - so I could be doing something really dumb here. Please help.

Well gosh - I checked it in Firefox - and it works! Only in IE. Hmmmm . . .


  • rhys
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    Can you paste the code and I will see if I can work out why its not working.