Capture results from Camtasia 8 quiz

cpliu Community Member Posts: 237
We use iFrame to display Camtasia content (HTML/SWF/MP4). There is a quiz at the end. How can Lectora capture the quiz result (eg. user answers, score) from Camtasia? Are there variables with values (probably in the SWF file) stored in the session that you can use Javascript to pass to Lectora?

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  • lauram
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    Be sure to sign up for our upcoming Inspiration Wednesday Webinar on June 19 that will cover "Camtasia Studio 8: Utilizing Video Quizzes Throughout Your Title".

    This is the description: Camtasia Studio 8 has been easily integrated into Lectora Inspire v11. Take advantage of the new quizzing features to receive detailed reports on the learner’s quiz activity. Identify total percentage correct, number of correct questions, time spent to complete the video and much more.

    You can sign up here:

    Hopefully this will give you the answers you need! If you can't attend the webinar, they are always recorded and made available on Lectora U a few days after the original session.
  • cpliu
    cpliu Community Member Posts: 237
    Thanks for the info. I've signed up for the webinar.

    Before the meeting, anyone can provide a pointer or 2? Do I still need to use iFrame for Camtasia 8?