Error when publishing to ReviewLink

sspielman Community Member Posts: 3
Hi All...

Just built my very first course in Lectora (Yay!) but can't seem to publish to ReviewLink without error (Boo!) I receive error messages stating that my GoToPrevious Page and GoToNextPage have unresolved destinations. I don't know what this means. How do I go about fixing it when I don't know where the problem is?


  • lauram
    lauram Community Member Posts: 149
    To locate the cause of a warning or error, you can select the blue or red message in the Publish dialog and the offending object will be highlighted in the Title Explorer.

    The two errors you're describing are actually warnings. Warnings will be blue, and errors will be red, and only errors prevent you from publishing.

    Generally, you'll find these warnings when you have a Back button on the first page of your title, and a Next button on the last page of your title that are using Go To Next Page and Go To Previous Page actions.

    Since you still want to keep these buttons throughout your title, except for those two pages, you can take advantage of the Inherit option on the Page Properties to disinherit the Back button on your first page and disinherit the Next button on your last page. (Select Inherit on the Page Properties, choose Specific Objects from Parents, and move the objects you want to disinherit to the Excluded list.)

    I hope this helps, and congrats on completing your course!