Decompile SCORM 1.2 files back to Lectora File

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I have a client who has a program running on their LMS in SCORM 1.2 format. They need me to make updates to the program, but they cannot find the Lectora files from which they created the SCORM files. It was done by a contractor with whom they no longer have a relationship. Is there a tool available that will put these files back into Lectora AWT? I have a tool that decompiles SWF back into FLA, so I thought I'd ask to see if such a tool is available for Lectora.



  • ssneg
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    No, there is no such tool but since Lectora's SCORM output is basically plain HTML, it is much easier to edit than a compiled SWF (e.g. in Captivate's or Articulate's case).

    So you have two options:

    - edit the HTML directly without using Lectora at all

    - go through the HTML and re-assemble the course in Lectora

    Contact me at [email protected] to get a quote (I'll need to see the course, too).