Hotspot feedback won't stick

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We upgraded to v11 a few months ago.

I am trying to make a hotspot question with 5 click areas (3 correct, 2 incorrect) where each hotspot immediately provides feedback to the learner by changing the contents of a text box on the page.

When I choose Edit Feedback in the ribbon, and click the Enable Feedback checkbox, and select "Individual Feedback by Choice" I see 5 lines for Feedback Item + Action + Target (all good, so far)

Then, I change each Action to "Change Contents" and I target the textbox I called Feedback Text.

The Value is Set Text.

I enter one sentence of text for each item.

When I click OK, my work isn't saved.

If I click Edit Feedback in the ribbon again, only the first two Actions/Text are saved.

The 3rd, 4th, and 5th lines of the table have reverted back to No Action (no longer Change Contents like I picked)

Anyone else observing something similar? I'm frustrated.


  • limeandnavy
    limeandnavy Community Member Posts: 21
    After reading my own post (ha) I realized that this is a pretty big deal, easily reproducible, and a significant piece of functionality that does not work at all as expected - I went ahead and submitted a Trivantis support ticket for this issue.
  • lauram
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    Hi LimeandNavy,

    This is an issue we're aware of and we're working to get a fix in for the next update. Turns out that "Individual Feedback by Choice" should not be enabled for Hot Spot questions with multiple correct answers. That's why you're seeing such buggy behavior with your 3rd, 4th, and 5th selections. The question is only expecting Correct Feedback and Incorrect Feedback.

    There are a couple of ways you can still achieve immediate feedback with the Hot Spot question. If you choose Correct/Incorrect Feedback, the feedback action can still be immediate, but only after your learner has selected "n" hot spots, where n=the expected number of correct answers (in your case, 3 out of the 5 choices) Since "immediate" really isn't immediate for questions with multiple correct answers, this kind of gives away the number of correct answers to the question. For this reason it may not be the best instructional design choice.

    If you really wanted to display custom feedback each time the learner chooses an answer, my suggestion is to forego the default Feedback within the Question Properties, and to use individual OnSelect/Change actions on each hot spot (check box) that change the contents of the text block to whatever feedback you want to issue. Each action would be conditional, based on the value of the Question variable (i.e., whether it "contains" that check box selection).

    With a little more effort, you could also provide combination feedback if that is desired. My colleague has provided me with a number of examples, from basic to more advanced, that you can download here.(The same concept can be applied to Multiple Response questions as well.)

    I really do apologize for the frustration and I appreciate you sending a ticket to support. This helps ensure we're capturing any bugs and issues.
  • limeandnavy
    limeandnavy Community Member Posts: 21
    @lauram, thank you for the detailed explanation and ideas for alternative solutions. I received a very similar explanation and suggestion from a Trivantis support representative earlier this week - I am most impressed with the troubleshooting and guidance that the Lectora team has provided this week, so thank you very much!

    After Trivantis support explained why the changes that I was making didn't make sense to Lectora, I reconsidered my activity and realized that I didn't actually need to check the box that says "more than one response is required for a correct answer." I was just building a learning-exploration activity, where the user clicked on various items in a scene ("identify the things on a messy desk that should be recycled") and each time they discovered something, the text in the character's quote bubble would change accordingly.

    I checked that box because initially, I thought "hey, I have 4 items in this activity that should be recycled, and 2 items that should not, so there are 4 correct answers and 2 items that are distractors..." but because this questions is not graded or scored, it doesn't actually matter which hotspots are correct/incorrect. I just needed the textbox to update immediately, whenever the learner clicked on any of the hotspots.

    So now, the hotspot only has one "correct" answer and five "incorrect" answers, but that means I am able to give immediate feedback about each area, and the question is worth 0 points anyways, so it's perfect.

    Again, thank you (and the whole team) for your prompt and thoughtful responses this week! Please feel free to share with whoever it was on the support team who assisted, as well.
  • lauram
    lauram Community Member Posts: 149
    I'm so happy to hear that not only do you feel like you received excellent support, but that you found a great solution for your intended design! Thanks for sharing!