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Here's the scenario:

Within my course I have four chapters; I would like a button to appear [on the same screen where the chapters are i.e. menu screen] once the learner has visited the last page of 3 out of the 4 chapters. Now here is where it may get complicated: Chapters 3 and 4 are a must complete for the learner. The learner may choose to complete either chapter 1 or 2 but not both! We don't know which of the two chapters the learner will complete, but the outcome must result in a button appearing once 3 out of 4 chapters have been viewed.

Hope you understood, if not let me know.


  • timk
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    Couldn't test it but I hope it works:

    1. Create a variable chapters_visited, initial value 0

    2. Create an action on each chapters' last page

    On: Show

    Acton: Modify variable

    Target: chapters_visited

    Value: a (for chapter 1), b (for chapter 2), c (for chapter 3), d (for chapter 4)

    Type: add to variable

    3. Create an action on the page with the initially invisible button

    On: Show

    Action: Run action group

    Target: group_1

    Condition: only if "chapters_visited" contains a OR b

    4. Create an action group (group_1) with one action

    Action: Show

    Target: your Button

    Condition: only if "chapters_visited" contains c AND d

    You'll know which chapter the user has done, as chapters_visited will either contain a or b.

  • jawad
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    Nice one Tim,

    Works perfect!