Using lectora to gather data

dancollado_1 Community Member Posts: 3
Has anyone used Lectora as a data gathering tool? Could I create a survey and have members from my organization answer (either via LMS or online?) it and have the data gathered into an LMS or data management system? If so, I'd appreciate learning how this is done.



  • benpitman
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    This forum is for proven tips and tricks, not problem solving. You are more likely to get better help quicker if you post to the General Lectora Discussion forum.

  • j_cortes
    j_cortes Community Member Posts: 7
    Looks like you could create a CGI program, or use the POST method of a form.

    I'd try the POST and have a page written to handle/collect the variables and send them off to a database to work from... otherwise with CGI you'd need to create something in perl- but same concept.

    I'm actually very interested in this area of the application and function- will keep you posted if I find anything worth sharing.