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I'm try to do a simple show user's name function that I've done many times before with not problem.

This time, suddenly, it's different.

The user enters her name into an entry field (variable is Entry_42)

On the next page, there is a page-level action (OnShow chnage contents of name[text box] to [Entry_42]).

The problem is, it doesn't. The contents of the "name" ext box are changed to nothing. Blank. They ARE chenged, but to Entry_42.

Interestingly, it works fine in both preview mode and when I preview after publishing to HTML. The problems happen when I am using the HTML (through Chrome, if that makes any difference.)

Everything was working fine this morning, then by this afternoon, this happened.

If anyone has a fix for this, I'd really appreciate it. Like I say, it just started to go wonky after working fine for quite a while.



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    Hi, I am not be able to reproduce this. If you continue to have trouble with this contact [email protected] and let them know your Lectora Online username, and the name of the title that has the problem.