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SCORM2004 publishing not marking Complete in LMS

stormer71 Community Member Posts: 2
This is my first time publishing to Scorm 2004. I have multiple AU's so I can publish separate SCO's all from within one file. Our LMS is Taleo Learn @ Oracle.

The SCO part worked great, everything was brought in as separate courses and recognized by the LMS, however I cannot get the courses to be marked complete. Originally I was getting an 'LMS Set Value Error' but then I found in the forums the need to have 2 statuses for 2004 (as opposed to 1 in Scorm 1.2) so I am using the action variable to set the following:

CMI_Completion_Status (value: completed)

AICC_Lesson_Status (value: passed)

With both of these actions I am no longer getting the error, but the LMS did not mark the course as complete. I don't have a scored test in my course so I am adding the 'passed' variable simply to force that status requirement. Is this part of the problem? Does 2004 require a scored test?

Any assistance is VERY appreciated! Thanks


  • wheels
    wheels Community Member, Administrator, Moderator, Rockstar Manager Posts: 549 eLearning ROCKSTAR Admin Team
    Depending on the LMS sometimes setting the AICC_Lesson_Status to completed is required.

    What LMS are you using?
  • stormer71
    stormer71 Community Member Posts: 2
    I am using Taleo Learn from Oracle. When using SCORM 1.2, I always set the AICC Lesson Status to 'completed' but I have read for SCORM 2004 you need to set the 2 statuses as above. I think I may be having a caching issue since 1 of my 3 SCO's mysteriously went to a COMPLETE status. I am going to republish this as a new course and try to load it again for testing. I'll post my results. Thanks!
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