Restrict Resize of Window in exe file

tmac2010 Community Member Posts: 32
Good day,

I need learners to click on a link that will go to a specific web address. I do not want the learners to have the ability to move the web page, only scroll through. The only way they can continue through the wbt is by closing the web page. Reason being is that the next page of the wbt will be question(s) based around the information just viewed from the web page. I purchased the Window Size & Position Controller online from e-proficiency however, its for html but I need something that will work when published to an exe file.

In the text hyperlink properties I selected Open in New Window, Popup Window, New Browser Window. set the window size and screen position. No menubar, No Toolbar, Non resizable great when I preview in the browser however, this will be a standalone exe file. Is this possible....any ideas.