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Hi all,

OK i'm hoping you can help. I've created an interaction that displays content depending on the contents of a variable. However the variable can sometimes contain the number "1" or the number "10" and i'm having difficultly showing the correct content. Basically is there a way to check against a string of characters in a variable and not just the separate characters.

i.e. can i check that the value of the variable contains the character string to "10".

Hope that makes sense, any help is much appreciated.


  • wheels
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    If you are doing an Equal To relationship then it would see 10 different than 1, and you do say string compare, so I'm guessing you are accumulating things in a variable and then testing against it.

    Typically people put in a known delimiter, so if you are going to add 1 then instead add ;1;

    Then in your condition check for Contains ;1; or ;10;

    You can also test before adding in the value into your variable so it doesn't become bloated. So, add to variable ;1; if variable does not contain ;1;

    Hope this helps!