Paging Question for Shared Content in a course

kvenick Community Member Posts: 21
I am about to start designing a new course and trying to figure out an issue before I get in too deep. This is for a 508 compliant course.

The course asks the learner to choose one of four roles at the start. Some content is shared by each of the four roles.

So I have Role 1 in its own Section. There are 20 pages in the section. On page 6, I want to jump to Shared Content. (This would be in a separate section below the course proper.) This content is 5 pages long. Then I jump back to the Role 1 section to continue.

How do I keep the paging consistent, in other words Page 6 of 20 to Page 11 of 20, and then back to Role 1 and pick up with Page 12 of 20?

The other challenge is that the other three roles do no have the same number of pages in their sections.

I had originally thought to make each Role self contained, but with so much shared content, it would make for a maintenance nightmare.

Any suggestions?