External JavaScript Header Object Insert issue

mccrawrr Community Member Posts: 2
I am trying to use the external HTML object with the Object Type "Header Scripting". The code runs perfectly IF I edit the published Lectora page. The page that Lectora publishes inserts the JavaScript in the middle of the Trivantis Javascript function in the page header, thus not running my JS in the header as well invalidating a couple of the Trivantis functions in the header (the ones positioned AFTER my JS). The reason is a disruption of the integrity of the tag in the header. Save the file, launch it manually and it works perfectly. Additionally, on the same page I have a second HTML object of type "Other". This HTML inserts in the body tag and works fine (after the JS is moved in the header.) I am using external .txt files located in the "extern" folder and ONCE the code was correctly structured when published. I have not been able to duplicate this success despite creating completely new titles, inserting pages so the the objects were not on the home page, using a different computer and having my karma cleansed.


*************************Index.htm header code generator by Lectora******************************

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN">


body { background-image: url(images/operator_wbt_interface.jpg); background-color:#ffffff; background-repeat:no-repeat; }