Posting incorrect/correct to the LMS

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I make quite a few assessments every week and someone asked me today if it was possible for lectora to report to the LMS what questions a person got correct or incorrect. i.e. Question 1: Correct.

Our LMS support guys said it could only be done in articulate but I am hoping they are wrong as I would rather chew off my arm than use Articulate :(

Any help would be great thanks,



  • ssneg
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    Ctrl+F8 ---> Publish ---> SCORM Options ---> Report test/survey interactions to the LMS. There you go.
  • katy_lil
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    Thanks for the help. I am not too sure I am building the assessment correct either due to when at the end I set a variable to submit test and it just comes up with every error under the sun not wanting to store the results. I am using SCORM 1.2.

    If I remove this variable and just tell it to publish with results - it records passed or failed but nothing else.

    I am probably missing somethign really obvious when building the assessment but can't find much help tutorial wise with assessments.
  • katy_lil
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    This is the sort of errors I am getting.
  • mallow76
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    It's not a requirement of SCORM 1.2 for an LMS to capture this interaction data (though many are able to).

    The information may be sent by the module (by selecting the 'Report test/survey interactions to the LMS' publishing option) but if there is nowhere in your LMS to receive it then it is of no use to you.