Lectora Inspire - LMS - re-launching course

tkirgan Community Member Posts: 2
Anyone else have any issue with their LMS and Lectora Inspire not letting you launch a course from your course history. I can launch the course from Saba then complete the content and assessment. After successful completion, the course moves to my course history. When I go back into my course history to launch it again for reference it will not launch. It freezes up the launch window. Is there a setting I am missing? Any help is appreciated.


  • d-allen
    d-allen Community Member Posts: 1
    I'm having the same issue. Can anyone offer any tips?
  • altarium
    altarium Community Member Posts: 78
    I don't use Saba, but my courses launch fine from the course history (or in my case, the transcript).

    It sounds like an issue with the server that delivers courses once they're in your course history. If Saba has the course files in two places (one for a course that's active and assigned, and another for that course to still be accessible once it's completed) then you might want to make sure that second location isn't having issues.