Lectora Inspire Tests and Saba LMS

stuart_hughes Community Member Posts: 8
A colleague of mine is working on a Lectora Inspire Test and it is not reporting correctly to our Saba LMS.

Here's her comments: "Tests aren’t reporting right on Learning Pathways [Curricula] but ok on the results. They are reported as Unsuccessful and should be reporting as Not Evaluated. If they fail and show Unsuccessful this then goes into their learning pathway [Curricula] as complete. If the result were to show Not Evaluated it would remain there until is was passed and completed."

We have Lectora Inspire and Saba LMS.

Any thoughts/suggestions?

Thank you.


  • wee
    wee Community Member Posts: 71
    We use Saba and set our completion actions as follows. Is this what she has setup?

    On: Show, Target: AICC_Lesson_Status, Type: Set Equal To, Value: completed

    On: Show, Target: AICC_Score, Type: Set Equal To, Value: 100 (or whatever score)