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JAWs and Lectora not playing well, expert help needed

mycamyca Community Member Posts: 3
Hello fellow developers,

I could really use some expert advice on 508c development in Lectora. I've created a 508c course using guidance from Trivantis and from information provided at the 2010 Lectora conference. And it still doesn't play well with JAWs.

Here's my development information:
  • Using Lectora Inspire vX.6
  • Built a specific screen reader version of my course that is text only. (no audio narration)
  • All buttons are either hyperlinked text, or built using the Tools, Button wizard option.
  • All elements are layered on the page to be read from top right to bottom left and are layered in the title explorer to be read by the screen reader in the correct order.
  • Added a right arrow hot key to advance to the next page.
  • I've labeled the AU frame to the course title.
  • Quiz questions were created using the Question generator, and have automatic feedback supplied upon submitting the question. A hyperlinked text submit button is added to all of the quiz question pages, that have variable to advance to the next question if the question has been completed.
  • This is installed on a custom Moodle 1.8 LMS.
  • I'm using JAWs 13.0 demo to test my course.
Here are the issues I am running into from my client's perspective (who is blind and testing in JAWs) and Trivantis supports response.
  • JAWs will not read the information on the first slide of the course. (I think this is a frame issue)
  • JAWs is reading a lot of extra information such as 001 Frame, link graphic on mouse over. Is there a way to remove this? (We currently do not have a way to eliminate the announcement of these "behind-the-scenes things" and in addition, identifying the frame of focus for the content is part of a Section 508 1194.22 requirement.)
  • The cursor is starting at the bottom of the page (near the next page button) and our tester had to tab 5-6 times to access the content (including through the browser tool bar, address bar, etc.). (To eliminate typical browser functions in the toolbar, consider launching your entire course in a pop-up window that removes these browser controls.

    So, that is, on the first page of your title - give your users a way to "enter" the course, and when they do so - launch the course in a new pop-up browser window that hides all of these typical browser controls.)
    • I tried Trivantis's solution and our LMS was unable to bookmark the course location, which is also necessary.
  • On some quiz questions it doesn't read the feedback OK button, and on some question it reads the answer options twice.

I am feeling very out of my depth at this point, and would appreciate all suggestions/input.

Please let me know if I haven't included any pertinent information.

Thank you!



  • dismissmedismissme Community Member Posts: 6
    Anyone!!!   I have been trying to create a 508 compliant test to put on our LMS.  I cannot get the screen reader to read the question, although it reads the answers just fine. Have you had this issue? This is new to me and I am looking for guidance. Thanks, Carol
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