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tmac2010 Community Member Posts: 32

I'm adding audio to my web-based training and want to use the default controller however, the colour is dull and I would like to have something much brighter. Is it possible to download another controller, does anything else exist in Lectora. I don't have a lot of experience with flash or other products and was hoping there is another option available out there.

Any ideas.

Thanks for your time.




  • ssneg
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    Select your audio, go to Properties, choose Controller. Lots of bright shiny skins there.
  • tmac2010
    tmac2010 Community Member Posts: 32
    Hi got it...thanks so much.

  • rakeshkathuria
    rakeshkathuria Community Member Posts: 2
    2 questions:
    • Apart from the available controllers, is there any online repository of more skins and themes from where we can download more options?
    • There is an option to manage custom skins. If we go in, it asks to locate a zip file. If we have to modify an existing skin, where will that be?

  • b
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    Lectora uses JW Player skins. You should be able to find many different sites for this by performing a simple Google search.

    To modify existing skins, please follow timk's suggestion on this thread: