Exporting/importing .pkg file as backup?

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Hello folks,

I'm running out of disk space on Lectora Online and Trivantis are not returning my mails about expansion, so I need a quick & dirty fix to my harddisk real estate problem.

Can I just export my titles as Lectora Online pkgs (huge titles, lots of video in them), back them up somewhere safe, delete them from lectora online, and then upload them again to continue working on them at a later point?

Or do I risk file corruption issues?

Any feedback very much appreciated, thank you all

:) / Katrine


  • wheels
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    You can export and re-import your titles without losing anything. We also keep title backups as well. Exporting, deleting and re-importing is a valid way to free up space taken by too many revisions. Or you can adjust the number of revisions that are kept (see below).

    I'll be contacting you. We have a standard report and information that we send out about how to manage disk storage.

    Here is the generic letter, I will send you one with the specific details for your organization:

    The disk quota for your organization is currently XXX GB and you currently have YYY GB allocated. You can see this by clicking on “Organization Settings” under “Administration” and then looking at the “Disk Quota” field. Next to this field is the “Disk Usage” button which you can use to calculate and view how much disk space your organization is currently using. Below the “Disk Quota” field is the “Disk Usage Threshold” field which dictates when you start seeing messages about disk usage when you log in. If you are over your disk quota then there are a few things you can do.

    Have each user delete any large private titles that are not needed. Also delete any large shared titles that are not needed. Titles that you want to keep but don’t need online can be exported and saved offline and then deleted.

    Possibly set your 'Shared Title Maximum History Size' to some value other than 'Unlimited' which may help some what. This becomes more effective if the title has many versions and the title is large with many resources.

    Remove as many unused resources as possible from all titles.

    Delete any large media in the Media Organizer Library that is not needed.

    Delete any large Library Objects and Templates that are not needed.

    Contact your salesperson about increasing your disk quota.

    Once you have deleted all unneeded items, click the “Disk Usage” button mentioned above to recalculate your disk usage.

    Unfortunately, we do not yet provide good tools for you to determine the exact sizes of titles, media, etc. We are working on that. Until then you can contact Support if you need sizing information in order to determine what to delete. They will provide you with something like the following. The titles in red and orange are using the most resources. Red titles are over 500 MB and orange titles are between 100 and 500 MB.