Lectora Vx.6 and V11

adriana Community Member Posts: 35

Can i have 2 versions of lectora in 1 PC?

Not sure how it works, my current version can be updated to V11 but i need to have Vx.6 on my PC.

Is there a way around?



  • melvincheesebut
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    The short answer is yes. You can have both. I don't know your situation, but in my case I received an email notification from my sales rep. It was a form letter kinda thing with my new v11 serial number and installation instructions.

    Be forewarned - the instructions are incorrect and flawed at several steps. At least in my case. For example, the setup file that should be downloaded, gets saved without the ".exe" extension suffix. In my case I had to "rename" that file to add the .exe and then my OS could actually run it. There are other steps that did not follow the provided instructions which goes to the point of your question. The instructions state:

    4. If a previous installation of Lectora is detected on your system, select Yes to uninstall your current version and install the new V11. If you have an existing version of Lectora that you would like to keep on your system, select No. Note: if you select Yes V11 will over write your previous version.

    In my case, my system did not detect my previous version which was "Enterprise Edition". So I simply installed v11 and my system placed it within the exsisting Travantis folder. Make sense?
  • adriana
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    Yes, Thanks for the info :-)

  • lauram
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    The answer really depends on what you mean by "versions". For example, if you have both Lectora Inspire x.6 and Lectora Inspire v11, you'll end up with 2 versions of Lectora, SnagIt, Camtasia, and Flypaper. This can definitely cause issues, and is generally not recommended.

    However, since Lectora Publisher (or Enterprise) is considered a different product than Lectora Inspire, it is in fact safe to keep both on the same computer.

    Hope this helps.