A bit of an issue with multiple (SCORM 2004) SCO's

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It's been a while!

Here's some background info:

So we are using Lectora to launch multiple SCO's, each course has 4 SCO's:
  • SCO number 1 is a standard 'CBT'* course (back and next buttons, etc) with standard lectora javascript.
  • The other 3 SCO's are made by lectora and launch content from somewhere else for a 3D course (picture an xbox game but for learning) with custom event handlers etc so only certain CMI data is sent appropriately (everything in regards to these 3 3D SCO's works fine).

The problem:

We have two symptoms of one problem with our LMS or perhaps more acurately the way Lectora is interacting with it and they are best described as follows (*pretend you are the user*):
  • So you're in the LMS, the SCO menu with the 4 SCO's is available on the left of the screen 100% of the time, you have to do SCO 1 first BUT upon clicking on a '3D SCO' (IE: SCO 2, 3, or 4) the whole LMS shuts down.
  • Also: upon exiting SCO 1, the whole LMS shuts down the same way (not just SCO 1). So, then if you go back to the SCO 1 after opening the LMS again you are stuck on the last visited page in SCO 1 and on an infinite loop of the LMS closing whenever they exit the first SCO, or by clicking on SCO 2, 3 or 4 from within SCO 1.

* 'cbt' SCO = 'SCO 1'.

Further info:
  • Note: Between SCO's 2, 3 and 4 this is not an issue and they work perfectly fine and are navigable.
  • When we make all our SCO's purely Lectora based (and get rid of our custom stuff), we have this problem with all 4 SCO's.

Alright, I'm not too good at explaining things, and I'm sure I haven't given enough information, but hopefully somebody who has experienced this can understand what I'm getting at. I am more than happy to answer any question of info I'm sure I've left out.

Thanks for reading.



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    It sounds like the Lectora Online course is not communicating properly with the LMS. What LMS is it? Can you send a sample title to [email protected] and reference this blog post? Sounds like something we should get figured out.