Does trivExitPage work with Captivate 6?

chad_oglesbay Community Member Posts: 21
I created a course that has 10 separate swfs, each on their own page. Once the video is done, there is code in the swf to go to the next page which works great. However, on the last video instead of going to the next page again, I want it to go to a specific page, the main menu.

I've tried the trivExitPage in Captivate 6 and it did not work. This is exactly what I did:

On the last page I added an On Exit action to execute the following javascript:


Anyone got any ideas why that didn't work? On all the other pages I simply have trivNextPage(); and it works great. Thanks for any help!


  • kimberly0214
    kimberly0214 Community Member Posts: 5
    After brainstorming on this I was thinking that if you could have the SIM pass a variable to Lectora when the user completes it, you could then, using that variable, create an action in Lectora to go to the applicable page.