Display differences between preview mode and html published version

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I have a page with three buttons. Users click on a button to display an image that also has a couple of text boxes partially overlapping the image. The other buttons are set up the same way. I can toggle back and forth in preview mode as many times as I want and all content will display properly. The problem is when I view the published html version this page only displays properly the first time I click on each button. After that the text boxes that are supposed to overlap the images do not display at all. Does anyone know how to resolve this problem? Thanks!


  • wesc
    wesc Community Member Posts: 3
    I previously made a change in the transitions of these text boxes and once I reverted to the original transitions they now display properly in html.
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    Can you please post what type of browser and which transitions cause the problem? It might help someone else.

    If you have an example/sample please send it to [email protected]. If you can afford the time, sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for using Lectora Online!

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