Text Not Rendering as Image Properly

lmeadow Community Member Posts: 2
I have a course where I used an italic, script looking font (Freehand575 BT) and adding a transition to wipe right and down. The text displays over an image of a chalkboard. The chalkboard is set to "send to back" and all of the text boxes are set to render text as image, and to always be on top.

when i publish to SCORM and upload to to our LMS (Cornerstone), I am seeing varying results. On most computers, the text is not actually rendered as an image, and shows up as an Arial font, in a very large size, and overlaps with all of the other text. We used Internet Explorer and Chrome for testing. Course size is 800 x 600.

On another computer, in Chrome, everything looked fine, even before setting the text boxes to render as image.

Any suggestions of what else to text, or settings to manage during the publishing process would be most appreciated.