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Hi there - I'm desperately looking for some help please? I've been trying to get the settings right to record a powerpoint presentation using Camtasia and insert it into my lectora title. The powerpoint uses diagrams created with text, shapes, animations etc and audio voiceover file.

The quality is okay for both FLV and MP4 formats when I produce it in Camtasia - however when I insert it into my title the quality is unacceptable. The text and shapes are fuzzy.

One of the things I did try was to re-size the powerpoint window so that it didn't play in full screen, which meant I didn't have to reduce the size of the output file - I figures this might reduce the quality, but it really has made no difference at all.

If anyone could please please give me some pointers I'd really appreciate the help. I've wasted too much time on this already.

Yours hopefully, Angela


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    @ssneg 47869 wrote:
    In the Publish dialog, open the Compression tab and uncheck Video. Then Lectora will use exactly the same file that you recorded.

    Also, if recording PPT with narration is the only thing you want, there are much more suitable tools than Lectora.

    Thanks very much for the reply. I'm afraid I have already unchecked compress video, am wondering now if it could be a browser issue.

    I actually have tried a number of tools - maybe not high-end ones though. For example I tried recording Video using SnagIt 11 - the end product was excellent - but the same issue - when I take it into Lectora the quality deteriorates. Our local Lectora Support haven't been able to find a solution either.

    Do you have any tools you could recommend to do ppt with narration recordings?

    Thanks again