Modify "Page Size in Pixels" at runtime?

shoveland Community Member Posts: 12
Hello all -

I was working on a course concept that will deployed to several different types of devices. The course will have adaptive elements (i.e. changed to relative positioning on screen), so they can adapt to screen size that way.

Let's say I've created a course that has been set up to display on an iPhone-landscape (480x320px). If the device is turned to portrait mode, the adaptive layout will accommodate, but leave blank space on the side where the landscape content used to be. The only fix I have found is to set the course size to what the minimum size would be (in this case, 320x320px) and move objects via css; this is not ideal as it leaves little screen space to work with for objects that continue to use absolute positioning.

Is there a way to modify the default "Page size in pixels" at run time? This is not a reference to adjusting the mere browser window via resizeBrowser, but the layout that Lectora builds when the course is published. Any input is appreciated!