Modify variable from external html page to add expiration date

jlmetzger Community Member Posts: 42
I am hoping someone knows how to do this. We have a client that we provide published html files to so that they can load them on their server. We have no expiration access externally, so we can set an expiration date in the course, but then when they renew, we have to re-upload the new files all over again. My thought is that if I were to create an html page on OUR server that just has a 1 or a 0 as the only text on the page, we could reference the course to check the external html page. If it saw a 0 on the page, the course would progress as normal, but if it saw a 1, it would skip to the Expired page. Then, when they renewed, we could just change the text on the external page on our server back to 0 again, and the course would start working once more without having to do anything to the published course files on their server.

Does that make sense? Is it possible?