mp3 audio doesn't play in IE9

kain Community Member Posts: 28
Hi folks,

I created a course that has mp3 audio files on each page. When running the course in IE(9) the audio does not play on a couple of pages. Only after reloading the page from the reload button it plays.

Fiddler shows that in such case the mp3 file is not even requested from my web server! After reloading the page is works. The firefox does not show this behaviour at all. Do you have any ideas?




  • crg381
    crg381 Community Member Posts: 5
    Had the same problem. Resolved it by disabling Auto-Start for the audio object and adding an action to the page to play the audio after a 1 sec delay.

    On: Show (page)

    Action: Play

    Target: [desired audio object]

    Delay before action: Checked

    Secs: 1.0

    Maybe not the most elegant solution, but it's working for me.