Simulation Options and mLearning

kimberly0214 Community Member Posts: 5
Our company is currently moving a large number of elearning courses into Lectora. We are trying to make a decision between creating the simulations in Lectora or creating them in Captivate 5 and embedding them within Lectora.

We are investigating what will be the most rapid development tool for the simulations as well as the best choice for mLearning. (We have both software products so software cost isn’t the issue.)

I have a lot of experience with creating software simulations in Captivate and it seems to be the tool of choice. However, the SWF files Captivate generates will not work on many mobile devices. We would upgrade to the new Captivate 6, which can publish to HTML 5, but from what I have read, IE 8 (which is our browser company wide) doesn’t recognize most of the new HTML 5 tags.

Has anyone been down this road and/or experimented with the options?

Any tips or advice is greatly appreciated.