Command line publishing to SCORM fails - Error copying SCORM support files

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I've a couple of issues with command line publishing, the main one being that it's not possible to publish to SCORM.

I've a script that is calling

Lectora.exe /pSCORM /c /o "LogFilePath/PubScormLog.txt" "CourseFilePath/CourseName.awt"

However, it partially publishes before giving the error

Error copying SCORM support files

I found other references online to this problem, but they were specific to SumTotal, which is not relevant here.

I tried copying the "Support Files" directory to other places, with no luck.

Anyone successfully used the SCORM publishing option?

My second problem is publishing to HTML. It works nicely the first time I publish to html, but if I edit the AWT file - I'm doing this with a Java program to manipulate the XML - and republish, it will not republish anything, this is despite the options stating republish all pages.

I am not updating any last update dates in the XML, but that should not be relevant.

Any ideas?


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    Bump - has anyone successfully been able to publish to SCORM using the command line?

    If so, I'd appreciate some pointers about how it's working with you.

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    I have found the reason why this is failing, but am waiting a response from Trivantis as to the solution.

    When publishing to SCORM with the UI, it will copy



    from the Support Files folder to the output scorm/html directory.

    When trying to publish via the command line, it tries to copy



    neither of which exist. So, it fails. There seem to have been problems related to copying support file for many years, at least I came across a post from 2008 with publishing problems.

    What is more worrying is that I think these files are related to the sumtotal and train plugins. I don't have any plugins installed, so cannot understand why it's trying to copy files related to uninstalled plugins...

    What else is it trying to do then...
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    This is fixed in Lectora 11.1