Frames & Action Groups

davids Community Member Posts: 20
I am creating a performance support tool that utilizes frames.

The top frame will contain drop-down lists. The combination of options selected in these lists decides what page will be displayed in the bottom frame. So, for exmaple, if options A, 1, and C are selected, then page 7 will display in the bottom frame.

(I initially created this in a standard (non-frame) course by placing the lists and action groups at the title level, but this means that the lists must be "reloaded" with each new page. I'm thinking that using frames will be more efficient since the only frame that needs to change is the lower frame.)

However, when using frames Lectora crashes every time I preview (F11) the course and select a list option. After debugging, I have isolated it to running an action group while using frames. So I have List A's "On Change" action set to "RunActGrp A", but as soon as I select an option in List A Lectora crashes with no details as to why. And this happens only in preview (F11) mode. It seems to work fine when published to HTML.

Any ideas on what I can do to get this to work in Preview mode? Having to publish every time I want to test functionality will be very frustrating.