publishing to cd rom error

justin-bartlett Community Member Posts: 2
Hi all,

I have been publishing a course to cdRom from Lectora. The problem is that the pdfs do not open.

This is how I have been attaching the pdfs to the lectora file..

To add a .pdf I simply drag it onto the screen. I then get a popup saying ‘unrecognised file type – do you want to add to additional files?’ I select ‘yes’ and it auto adds it to a folder for me. In Lectora I select what I want to be my ‘click’ object, and I add an action to open a web page, I check ‘open in new window’, and simply type in the .pdf name (including .pdf), and this will launch it in a new browser window once it is online.

This all works fine online. Everything is as expected. However when I publish to cdRom and run the course through the Lectora viewer I just get a window opening with the title of the pdf in the address bar and no pdf showing.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.