Lectora Course working in IE8 NOT in IE9

We have multiple Lectora courses uploaded to our SABA LMS. All courses work perfectly in IE8. Users who recently upgraded to IE9 are reporting issues. Upon launching the course users receive an error. The error is:

LMSSetValue Error: cmi.core.lesson_location to [a001_splash.html]Not initialized

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!


  • carndu
    carndu Community Member Posts: 2

    I've just encountered the exact same problem, have you found a solution to this?

  • j_cortes
    j_cortes Community Member Posts: 7
    I would try turning on compatibility mode for IE9 so it behaves like IE8
  • vickycse9
    vickycse9 Community Member Posts: 2
    Hi Did You tried in some other browsers.:confused:
  • davidarthur
    davidarthur Community Member Posts: 18
    Hi there, we recently upgraded Saba from 5.5 to 7.2 and IE8 to IE11 and we are experiencing all sorts of issues.

    Layering on Lectora pages is not working correctly and Done Playing actions no longer work.