Problem with "DonePlaying" Action

dave-mcgann Community Member Posts: 5
I am sure I am not setting this up right, but can not figure out why this is not working.

Here is the situation:

I have a page called "Introduction". Subsidiary to that page is a video called "test". The video is a 5 second ".flv" file. Subsidiary to the video file is an action. The action is set up as follows:

On = DonePlaying

Action = Modify Variable

Target = V_done

Value = 1

Modification Type = Set Variable Contents

The plan is that having watched the 5 second video "v_done" will be modified and changed to 1 by the action above. When the user clicks the next button the following page, called "PHI" looks at the value of "V_done" and determines whether or not the PHI video should be shown.

I have put a text box on PHI page to show me the value of "V_done". Whether I watch the "test" video on the Introduction page or not, the value of "V_done" does not change. It always displays as 0 on the PHI page.

Therefore, I am assuming that I am doing something wrong and that my DonePlaying Action is not modifying the variable.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated