Open a new window from a new window

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We have a title that has some links to reference material created with Lectora. If I open a link to this reference title to a new window, then click a link to an external website, it opens in the same window rather than a new one. If I open the reference title directly from a regular html page, any links will open properly in a new window. Has anyone else experienced this or have any ideas on how to fix this?


  • beeps
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    Looking for a solution for this. Any ideas? I'm using 12.
  • klaatu
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    Can you provide and example?
  • timk
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    The target window in that a page will be opened is defined by the windows name. The default name of the target window is "Popup Window". So the first link will create a new window that is called "Popup Window". The second link will also open the page in "Popup Window" and - as this window already exists - will not create a new window.

    To open a new window from a new window open the "New window properties" of the 2nd link an change the "Window Name" to something unique and a 2nd new window will be created.