Many browser issues after publishing in HTML

smitty Community Member Posts: 2
I've just published my 80+ page lectora title (in Lectora online) and have been experiencing many browser problems. I hope someone can help.

When publishing my title to HTML (or SCORM), I'm seeing an enormous list of problems in both firefox and IE (not in chrome or safari) among many:

Browser issues
  • Text boxes that were below each other in preview mode (in chrome) are now overlapping
  • None of the links work in Firefox or IE (this includes links in TOC, previous/next button, etc) It works perfect in Chrome and Safari.
  • IE displays all ALT information when hovering a button (which I don't want)
  • Spaces in IE are double the size of (return) spaces in other browsers, so the entire title looks off with texts all in the wrong place, most elements are out of place in IE
  • Rollover effects are not visible in firefox or IE

I've been searching online if anyone else is struggling with browser issues, but haven't found any topics on this issue. I've already noticed some of these issues when looking at the unpublished title in preview mode (in IE), and expected some issues would arise, but now the entire title has problems.

Are there any external scripts with IE fixes available, or have I done something wrong? I hope someone can help me.



  • georgeb
    georgeb Community Member Posts: 43
    does anyone know a way to set line heights per browser?

    Safari & Chrome are pretty much perfect (similar to Lectora editor)

    Firefox & IE are ... not. IE is the worst.

    I wonder if there's a trick that makes the line heights 80% of what is set up for the course? But just for IE & Firefox, as Safari & Chrome are fine.