Help with Variables & Conditions

devac Community Member Posts: 1
I am hoping you can possible help me out with an issue I am having with one of the courses. I am putting together, but it has a page that requires a considerable amount of conditions. I thought I had it figured out but as I have been building the page, I am having trouble .

Here is what we want the page to do:

The employee will be presented with about 40 different personality descriptions in which they will select as many as they think applies to them. Each description is tied to one of four communication style characteristic (D, I, S, C). After the person selects the descriptions and clicks submit a box will appear telling them which characteristic they “lean” towards. If the person select an equal amount for descriptions for at least two characteristics a box is supposed to appear saying they have a blend.

What I tried

• Created 4 variables, one for each characteristic (D_Var, I_Var, S_Var, & C_Var) with initial value of “0”

• On description checkboxes have Action to Modify the variable for the characteristic in which the description is associated. The modification is to add 1 to the variable

• On submit button have action to show the box for the characteristic they “lean” towards. For example:

o OnMouseClick

o Show D Box

o Condition: D_Var is Greater Than I_Var

• Have additional Action on the Submit button to the a box that says they have a blend of characteristics, if they select an equal amount of descriptions for two or more characteristics.

o OnMouseClick

o Show Blend Box

o Condition: D_Var is Equal to I_Var

The actions for the characteristic for the lean towards seems to work. However, it is the action for the blend box that does not work. It appears that Lectora can measure when one variable’s value is greater than another, but does not measure if the values are equal.

Does anyone have any suggestions for how I can set this up?