Retain Highest Score and Better Status

carlosmtnz Community Member Posts: 1
Hi everybody:

I'm trying to figure how to make the LMS retain the highest score of a course, no matter how many times the user make the test. I also want to, once the user has achieved the status of "PASSED" or "COMPLETED" in the AICC_Lesson_Status Variable, my LMS retain it.

On the other way, when the user make another attempt, if he/she gets higher score or a better Status (FAILED to PASSED, or INCOMPLETE to COMPLETED), I want the SCORM update values of AICC_Score and AICC_Lesson Status respectively.

As an example: My user takes the course, gets a score of 80% in the test and is given the status of PASSED; next day the same user makes a second attempt, and this time he gets 50%. This should change his Status to FAILED and the change of de AICC_Score to 50, but because the Score is lower than the first attempt, the new values are not sent to the LMS or something like that, to retain values of the first attempt.

On third day, the user tries again and gets a 100%, this time I want the AICC_Lesson_Status and AICC_Score to be updated.

My LMS has no option to retain highest score or whatsoever.

Thanks in advance, your advice will be of great help!:)