Non-tech Topic: Delivering worker safety courses? Ever have low quiz scores?

candaceid Community Member Posts: 14
I'm working with a lot of worker safety courses, moving them into Lectora and Saba LMS.

My trainers have never had options for online quizzing and are wary of capturing quiz scores. They worry that they will get swamped by people who can't pass the tests (even if given multiple tries).

What are other people finding out there? Could you estimate the percent who can't pass?

Are there fears in your organization that if you capture quiz scores, you could be creating liability if there's an accident later? Or if your regulating agency (e.g. OSHA, EPA...) gets hold of the scores, there could be repercussions? The safety officers really want to find out about the training effectiveness, find problems (in the training & in specific workers) and make improvements, but they are worried.


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