Comment Box, is it possible?

rhys Community Member Posts: 49
I am trying to create a locally hosted website for use within my office which will be used in effect as an Intranet. I have tried to create a comments box by using 2 new entry fields. One as the input field and the other to display a list of comments. By using actions I can set the contents of the 'display' field to update as a comment is entered into the comment field. The problem I have is making this viewable on all users machines. When I close the site and reopen it on my machine the comments are stored, if I log in at a different machine the comments are not. I assume this is because the variable is stored on the local machine and not within the html folder.

Is there a way to make a field of any kind that can be input from any machine, whilst having all results available? I know I can use external HTML comments boxes but these are not an option due to IT restrictions on what I am allowed to do. The results do not need to be seen by other users, so if there is not a way of doing this through the site is it possible to see a record of the variable update?

I know there are ways of using the submit variable to either use a CGI or an Email. These don’t seem to be able to achieve what I want as getting server side methods will prove difficult to get done, the Email option is not the best as I don’t really want a security message on users screen every time the field is used. Which is why I am trying to create a field that when updated the updates are visible from any machine, thus getting round the problems caused by the submit results option.

Any suggestions on this would be a big help. Thanks.

P.S. This is my first post, please be gentle with me :)