Exam result only submitted to LMS if passed? Scorm 1.2

Hey Lectora ppl (o:

We have a range of courses made in Lectora by an ourside partner, and the people who created the base course are no longer available to answer questions.

The courses have the following problem:

Only if the user scores 80%+ in the test questions is the result submitted to the LMS. Otherwize the course passes the score 0% on to the LMS. There are ten questions; people get scores of 0, 80, 90 and 100; never, for instance, 50.

I can't seem to find a setting for it anywhere. The exam is set to grade the course, the passing score is set correctly, and the publish to scorm/web based setting has the option 'The published couse will report Test/SurveyQuestion interactions to the LMS' checked, as well as the timestamp setting.

Is this in some way fixable? Is it just how Lectora works? Can the course be set to report exam result no matter what?

Thanks in advance (o: