OnShow actions not working at page level - Lectora X.6 and Windows 8?

rgs55 Community Member Posts: 38
Hello! I may have discovered an issue with the OnShow using this configuration:

Lectora x.6, Windows 8, IE 10 or Firefox 17

When I do an onShow action at the page level, they are not working (e.g., OnShow Modify variable or OnShow Hide something); however, if I put the same exact actions - still an onShow - but attached to a text object, they work just fine.

I'm experiencing this by previewing the HTML page or by publishing to HTML and running the index.html file. I have not posted to a web server.

Has anyone else experienced this?



  • nghi1987n
    nghi1987n Community Member Posts: 2
    Hi, after many months and update from Lectora. Is this problem's fixed?