show/hide iframes

crandallm Community Member Posts: 14
Hi All,

I have been trying to create a page with multiple iframes where, depending on which button you click, a different iframe is displayed. However, the standard show and hide actions do not seem to work correctly with the iframes. Specifically, whichever iframe is at the top layer covers up all the others and seems impervious to any hide actions I throw at it.

Does anyone know a trick to get iframes to hide?

Or, if that is impossible, is there any way to use a lectora action to manipulate a single iframe so that I can change the src? My current work around is that I added hrefs to a single iframe to change the src when clicked, but I would rather use the buttons I made for that purpose so that I can program additional actions on each button (i.e. displaying the proper title and a variable modification).

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.